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Observations & Inferences


Learning Goal

During this lesson you will learn the difference between an observation and an inference.

I know I have it when I can distinguish an observation from an inference and site examples of each.

Fun Fact

Jane Goodall is known as a champion of animal rights.  She spent thousands of hours observing chimpanzees in their natural habitat.  Her work has inspired people all over the world to protect the environment.

Lesson Warmup

How do you know if something is too hot to touch?

What do you notice about this photo?

Directions:  Carefully observe the photo below and record five things you notice.

What is the difference between
an observation and an inference?

Directions:  Watch the movie to learn the differences between observations and inferences. 

Next, scroll through the slides to see some examples of each. 

Observations vs. Inferences Card Sort

Directions:  Read each card and decide if it is an observation or inference. 

Drag the card into the appropriate column.  Zoom in if you need to read the cards.

Making Observations & Inferences

Observations & Inferences Check for Understanding