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Lab Safety


Learning Goal

During this lesson you will learn important safety procedures that must be followed to avoid injury when completing labs.

I know I have it when I can identify safe and unsafe behaviors, model proper procedures and create a lab safety plan.

Funny Fact

Lab Safety isn’t just for the dogs…

Get it…Laboradore Dogs!

Lesson Warmup

Think about some lab safety rules that you have been taught.

Lab Safety Rap

Directions:  Pay close attention to safe and unsafe lab behaviors as you watch the video.

Spot the Lab Safety Problems

Directions:  Can you identify a safe lab procedure for each hotspot?  Tap the spot to check your work.

Safe or Unsafe Lab Practice?

Directions: Read each statement and decide if the behavior would be SAFE or UNSAFE during a lab.

Fix the Safety Hazard

Directions: Drag the solution to fix the problems in this lab.

Do you know how to stay safe during a lab?