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Our Story

About Us

Alotl Learning is a women run, LGBTQ+ friendly, family owned business located in Buffalo, NY. We are a powerful mother-daughter duo who officially started our business in 2022. In actuality, we have been working in education for 25+ years and specifically on digital education and transparency for over a decade. 

It's all about you

Our Mission

To inspire confidence for all people to ask questions, seek evidence-based knowledge and better understand our world.

Education Director

Lari MacPeek

Lari MacPeek brings with her nearly 30 years of education expertise. She has been awarded many grants; as well as an international award, for implementing technology that was decades ahead of its time, into her school district.

Creative director

Lauren Korniczky

Lauren Korniczky is a former glacier guide and current physician assistant whose thesis was on telemedicine. While finishing her master’s degree, she was her college’s recipient of the Outstanding Community Service Project Award. after an accident caused some blindness. Now I’m a web designer, marketing specialist and patient human. She strives to ensure that all communities have equal access to education.