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Parts of a Controlled Experiment


Learning Goal

During this lesson, you will learn the key elements that are critical for designing controlled experiments.

I know I have it when I can write about key elements that need to be included in a controlled experiment and provide some examples of each.

Important Fact

CONTROLLED EXPERIMENTS ONLY TEST 1 VARIABLE.  This ensures that the outcome was caused by the variable tested which is called the independent variable.

Lesson Warmup

In what ways do you think performing an experiment is like following directions to a recipe?

Controlled Experiments begin with a QUESTION

Main Parts of Controlled Experiments

Practice Identifying Parts of an Experiment

Directions: Read over the description of each experiment and answer the questions.

Parts of a Controlled Experiment Drag & Drop

Parts of a Controlled Experiment
Check for Understanding

Directions: Design the experiment below by dragging each label into the corresponding category.