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Learning Goal

During this lesson you will design and conduct a controlled experiment following lab safety guidlines. 

I know I have it when I can design and conduct a controlled experiment and analyze the data to determine the validity of the results.

Funny Fact

What kind of dogs do chemists own?
         LABORATORY Retrievers! 

Lesson Warmup

Take a look at the experiments on the ORANGE slide.  Think about which one you would like to do.
  Make sure you have the supplies you need to complete the experiment you chose.

Which Experiment Will You Choose?

Directions: Take a look at the experiments below.  Choose one that you would like to do.

Memory Tests

Directions:  Choose two tests to use if you are choosing “Does listening to music affect memory?”
Study the test for 45 seconds without listening to music then see how many items you can write down in one minute. 
Repeat this using a different memory test while listening to music.

Bouncy Ball Experiment Movie

Directions:  Watch the movie to see an example showing how to set up a controlled experiment.  Feel free to repeat this experiment or design your own using the suggestions on the ORANGE slide.  

Picture Submission of Lab Results

Directions: Upload a picture of your lab results below.  Acceptable formats: jpg, pdf, doc and gif.


Directions: Analyze the results of your experiment and summarize what you learned.